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Welcome to the official website of Cleveland, Ohio, blues-roots-rock band The Flavor!  We're a rockin' little four-piece group consisting of singer/guitarist "Hot Sauce" Joe Landes, singer/guitarist Dave Mann Wolf,  bassist Mike Pella, and drummer Ernie "ErnDog" Richmann.  Find out what we are up to, see when we are playing, listen to our music, check our photos/videos, and much more! 

Current Recipes

Welcome to 2015! 

Howdy, folks!  Hope y'all had a pleasant time over the holidays!  We're kicking off the new year with a couple announcements.  First off, we've had a line-up change!  We'd like to officially welcome Mike Pella into the fold as the group's new bass player!  Best of luck to former bassist Adam Rich; it's been a cool couple of years!  At its core, The Flavor has always been a unique mash-up of musical styles, so we're all excited to see how the songs will take shape with a new member.  Secondly, we've started adding gigs for the upcoming year, so be sure to check out our gig section to keep up-to-date on where we'll be!  Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Winter Months 

Well, howdy there!  We typically slow down our live playing a bit during the winter months to focus on recording, and that's what we're up to now.  We'll be taking the next couple months to finalize artwork and get our album mastered and copied and ready for release!  Our next "official" show isn't until the end of March 2015, but we're certainly open to getting back out there earlier if we get our CD business wrapped up quicker than expected!

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