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Taste the Flavor...

Welcome to the official website of Cleveland, Ohio, blues-roots-rock band The Flavor!  We're a rockin' little four-piece group consisting of singer/guitarist "Hot Sauce" Joe Landes, singer/guitarist Dave Mann Wolf,  bassist Adam "Low-End Meat" Rich, and drummer Ernie "ErnDog" Richmann.  Find out what we are up to, see when we are playing, listen to our music, check our photos/videos, and much more! 

Current Recipes

Recording end in sight! Summer gigs coming up! 

We're actually nearing the end of recording, and we're looking at a potential late summer release!

Hessler was awesome, and we return with another summertime show: Walnut Wednesday on July 23rd!  We play at 11:30AM, and it's at Perk Plaza in downtown Cleveland (E.12th between Walnut & Chester). Plus, there will be many food trucks to stuff your face as you listen to us!  I mean, if you don't dig live music and food trucks, I just don't know about you, man.

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Between CD expenses, website maintenance, instrument upkeep, and other costs, makin' music is expensive these days.  If you like what you hear and want to help out the band, feel free to make a donation by clicking below!  We'll love you forever.  Even if you don't want us to.

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